Below are some frequently asked questions that we receive.

Hopefully you will find the answers to any questions you may have, but please do drop us an email on should you not find the answer to your questions here.

What style of food do you offer at 1873?

Thomas specialises in fish and seafood so you can expect a fish-heavy taster menu when you visit 1873. He uses the best of local, fresh ingredients to create a delicious dish which showcases the fantastic local produce we have available from both land and sea in North Devon.
We currently offer a 6 course taster menu consisting of 4 fish courses, 1 meat course and a dessert (we can offer a great vegetarian taster menu too!).
Please note that we don’t offer an a la carte option.

Are children welcome at 1873?

As most of our guests are joining us for a special occasion or an evening away from their own children, we tend to say that for our evening services it is only for guests aged 16 years and older.
We have had tables arrive in the past without informing us that some of the party were children, and as much as we love seeing them they can quickly become bored and distract other diners. The menu takes around 3 hours to complete and from experience, this is is a long time to hold a younger person’s attention span.
We are happy to make exceptions if you have teenagers who you know will be happy to enjoy the experience of the taster menu, so please email us on if you believe this is the case but please do not arrive on the evening without having spoken to us first as we may choose to turn you away if you arrive without giving us prior notice.
There are also some fantastic, local babysitters who are well qualified to look after your children so you can have a quiet meal as a couple. We recommend Amy Capner Childcare. You can find more about her services by clicking HERE

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes! We have a delicious 6 course taster menu available for our vegetarian diners. We do need 48 hours notice so please ensure that you mention this when booking online. (please note that we can’t cater for vegetarians who have intolerances/allergies/dislikes).

Do you cater for vegans or people with allergies/intolerances?

In short, no. With a very small kitchen team, it would be a huge amount of work to create a vegan menu, or a menu without dairy, lactose, yeast, gluten, shellfish etc. to a standard that Thomas and the team would feel is the quality expected from 1873. We only have a very small team and to recreate entire menus without elements is a huge additional stress on the small team. 

If you have a very mild intolerance which would simply mean leaving something on the plate then we are happy with that, but if you require certain elements to be removed or substituted then we are not in a position to be able to offer this. 

ALWAYS email us before booking if you have any questions about whether we can accommodate allergies and intolerances as reserve the right to cancel reservations if you book without speaking to us first to discuss the feasibility.

We know that this may seem like a strong stance, but  we have a very small team of 2 chefs who are serving 6 course menus to multiple people at different times and to deliver an alternative during a busy service is beyond our capacity.

Our chefs have spent months developing the dishes, creating a rounded menu; so when multiple elements from these dishes are removed, the diner isn’t receiving the experience which has been devised by the kitchen and we may suggest that on this occasion, 1873 isn’t going to your best option for a restaurant that caters to your specific needs.

What time should I book a taxi for?

We recommend booking a taxi for approximately 3.5-4 hours after your arrival time..

Are dogs allowed?

Unfortunately we have a very small dining room and for the comfort of our other diners, we only allow registered guide dogs

Is 1873 wheelchair accessible?

Due to the age and layout of the building, unfortunately not. There is a single step at the entrance and several steps down to our toilets.

Is there a dress code?

We would usually suggest a smart-casual dress code as we like our diners to be comfortable when visiting us. We’d recommend a change of outfit if you’re coming straight from the beach, but we also wouldn’t expect you to turn up in a tux!